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Nowadays, Interdisciplinary Studies play important roles in knowledge development for both scientific and social economic frontiers. ASEAN Universities have been adapting the interdisciplinary concept for research and development for years. To strengthen progress in R&D for all disciplines, this conference will exhibit, share and promote the advancement and experiences of scholars from around the world leading to their usages for humankind touched by these ASEAN Universities. The International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research and Development (ICIRD) in ASEAN Universities will be held on August 8-10, 2013 in Chiang Mai, THAILAND, one of the world’s most well known destinations, colorful with cultures and agricultural heritages.

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Theme: Interdisciplinary Studies for Global Education – Building Bridge Through ASEAN

Topics:    Green and Organic, Applied Agriculture, Applied Education, Socioeconomics, Plant & Animal applications, Global & Environmental Sciences, Climate Change, Business and Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Information Science and Technology, Health and Wellness, Functional Food and Nutraceutical

Theme: Musical instruments and their impact on our society

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