Dayal activities? Basic and consoli? Tirilmi? Science Process Skills won? R? Be?


Prof. Dr. Fitnat CAPTAIN,  R?. Rates. Sevilay ATMACA
Ö? Renmei facilitate? t? ran search? t? won the ways and methods of research? ran, ö? insider be effective? n? and their students? renmelerinden be responsible? n? sa? Layan, ö? learn kal? c? l??? n? art? ran Science Process Skills tan? t? shall be? r. Basic and totality? Tirilmi? Examples of practical activity in science process skills floor? l? mc? larla effects? bulleted methods and techniques be applied? r.

Tan?? Ma-source? Ma, floor? L? Mc? S? The subject area? With the relevant do? Improvise matters? N? N Use the be? The “creative? C? drama method “used? shall be? r.

Won the science process skills? Calling for e? Educational games? The importance of the new design? Steps on giving examples, “Science Taboo” game, shares will be? R. Gained scientific process skills? R? Be? party for the walkers? activities offered by the large and small group discussion?? mas? Use techniques? shall be? 

Set out selected materials? Char floor? L? Mc? Humanoids, the development of science process skills activities? Improvement of their required. In this study,?? Mada development program? Ation process, ö? Learning-ö? Retme, measurement and de? Evaluation dimensions? Na to implement? play?? malar expert app?? m? technique? i (ayr? l-combined?) …) Use the LARAK made came to pass will be? r.

? Station technique? I and creativity? C? to a method of drama? evaluation is? shall be? r.


White? Width
Prof. Dr. Belma Tu? Rul
a white paper?? d? n? z and creativity? c? an item? retmeniniz os if you have? n? f is full. 
Belarus ka?? d? emerged using? snow? to be a large number? your creativity? c? and creative activity? c? times with the idea? l? mc? s? n actively be involved in the process? and thereby different? experience areas? created in? c? products emerge? karmas? to f? opportunities be offered? r.

Say? Raft W?? N Children? and Ö? Learning Materials
Assoc. Dr. Virtue Bible
Say? raft ça?? n, ba? ka words in the new millennium? l? n guys? accordance with the multi-media ö? learning materials, features, advanced? Replacing the and Use? be?. Play?? Yeast differ on the issue before? forms of work though?? m?? that? jobs floor? can.

Rubrics: June? Restriction and scores Basic? Principles
Assoc. Dr. Hülya Kelecio? Lu
ready Analytical effective rubric? preparation? timely and scoring? the basic principles.Holistic prepare effective rubric? Preparation? Timely and scoring? The basic principles.Examples of rubrics and rubric ready? Reset.

Do Science? Ace? and science in December? t? research-Inquiry Process
Asst. Assoc. Dr. Betul Timur
science do? ace? Search and science? t? research question one? characteristics of the process, the development? Replacing the E and science? effective use of his training? be?.

The Bologna Process and Program Qualifications of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the province? Lution

Prof. Dr. Aksu Sibel Y? Ld? R? M
the scope of the Bologna Process? been adopted in? Higher turkey? Education Qualifications Framework (TYYÇ), and by the Basic Competency e? Education-ö? Education programs? N? N Review and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the province? Lution.

The Bologna Process and Program Qualifications of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the province? Lution

Prof. Dr. Selda Onderon? Lu
the scope of the Bologna Process? been adopted in? Higher turkey? Education Qualifications Framework (TYYÇ), and by the Basic Competency e? Education-ö? Education programs? N? N Review and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the province? Lution.

E? Fun Reading and Writing Activities

Prof. Dr. Elif Outstanding
Pre-school and? Primary? production in first? n? f guys? n? n reading on writing? the right to love? that will they do? n development? bookmarks contrary? r? non-students? learning environments? and f? opportunities? n de? Assessment to tan? our living example of a series of events? i floor? l? mc? larla the truth? tirilecektir.

Education & Alcohol 

In this workshop we explore the relationship between education and alcohol consumption. We examine whether the probability of abusing alcohol differs across educational groups. We use data from the British Cohort Study, a longitudinal study of one week’s birth in Britain in 1970. Measures of alcohol abuse include alcohol consumption above NHS guidelines, daily alcohol consumption and problem drinking. Higher educational attainment is associated with increased odds of daily alcohol consumption and problem drinking. The relationship is stronger for females than males. Individuals who achieved high test scores in childhood are at a significantly higher risk of abusing alcohol across all dimensions. Our results also suggest that educational qualifications and academic performance are associated with the probability of belonging to different typologies of alcohol consumers among women while this association is not present in the case of educational qualifications and is very weak in the case of academic performance among males.

This Workshop was sponsored by Hong Kong’s leading bottle shop specialising in supplying beer and craft Beer for Hong Kong’s beer drinkers. They also have a large list of Hong Kong’s Brewery.

Rhythm and Music
Prof. Dr. Nezihe? Entur
Music? ‘most fundamental ö? wife or by the rhythm? setting to apply

Which? Ileraras? Cat?? Malar, Cat?? Ma Analysis
Dr. Yeliz Ak? NTU?
individuals interact? im in it? East conflict environments?? ma, roof?? ma solutions, roof?? ma management, conflict?? ma resolution skills that? ININ self tan? ma process, the province? pantry realize the problems to be solved? awareness??? n? n created? be?

Project Management
Project Management 
Prof. Dr. Levent Old? Nay-Oxford Brookes University
International projects, project management process, qualitative research process, cases and experiences 
among nations? projects, project management, qualitative search? t? research process, examples and experiences

Scientific Article Writing Process 
Academic Writing Process 
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdo? An Ekiz-Al-Faisal University
Academic publishing process, quantitative research design, reference, writing, article preparation, cases and experiences 
Scientific yay? n haz? reset process, the intermediate quantitative? t? research design, literature and resources in the summer? m ?, international? Write article? m points to be considered in the process, different? examples and experiences

Critical Thinking and Metaphors in Higher Education
Dr. Graham Low-University of York,
Critical thinking process, metaphors, metaphors of learning, practices and international cases from the UK higher education

International Perspectives and Experiences: Architecture and Urban Planning
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hatem Galal A. Ibrahim-Qatar University,
New trends in urban planning, architecture, international projects and experiences

Activity-Based Group Counseling Dan?? Ma Intervention Program? N? Rage and attacked the children? Rganl??? Mitigate the Effects
Dist. Melih Burak Ozdemir
anger and attacks on children? rganl??? Techniques to reduce, from the?? ma intervention program?, attack? rganl? k and concepts of empathy? consider? taking into anger management